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Ambassadors' data

Brand admins have access to all the general and engagement information about people who joined the ambassador program. It helps better understand and direct your community, personalize the communication and create specific marketing campaigns. 

To check the ambassadors' data just go to the Ambassadors tab of your Spitche app. 

At the top you can see the total number of the registered ambassadors and switch between Instagram, Facebook and Sales tabs (if you have already connected your social media pages and e-commerce store). 



You can search ambassadors by their first/last name, email address, Instagram username. For this, go to a search field under the invite ambassadors link button.


What information about my ambassadors is available?


To check the hidden data, just click on the 'Display personal data' checkbox next to the search field. 

Currently, you can see the following information: 


- First and last name, email address;

- Instagram username;

- Registration date and last action date;

- Number of points & engagement level;

- Number of Facebook likes, comments, shares and friends' actions;

- Number of Instagram comments, photo and video where you were tagged or mentioned;

- Number of redeemed rewards;

- Number of friends' referrals (if you have Referral feature enabled);

- Sales data;

- If they are subscribed to your marketing emails.


Besides, you can also manually reward your ambassadors for specific actions by sending them points. For example, if you select your most active ambassadors and ask them to share the content you created, if they do so, you can reward them with extra points.



Also, identify the most engaged members of your community. You can download this information as a CSV file to implement it in your CRM. We will send data by email if we need more time to generate a CSV file for you.

Moreover, in a CSV file you can find additional information about your ambassadors such as:

- date of birth;

- current points;

- language;

- referrals info;

- contact info;

- info from custom fields you set;

- total completed campaigns and their names.

You also have an option to hide or display the personal data of ambassadors by clicking a gallpoint. When data is blurred, you can still download a CSV file with all data.