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Referral link

Besides social media actions, your ambassadors can receive points by inviting new users to join your program. They just need to share a referral link and then getting points when the new ambassadors join and start performing actions.


Setting Actions


In order to encourage your ambassadors to invite more users, you need to set up the points value first. To customize the value of points, go to Program -> Points -> Bonus actions section where you can find two referral actions in the "Friend referral" block: 

  • Friend referral: Ambassador gets points once his/her friend uses a shared link to sign up for a program and perform a minimum of one engagement on Instagram or Facebook action.
  • Additional referral bonus: Ambassador gets additional points per each corresponding number of referrals. 


If you want to turn off the Referral actions, just set the value of points to 0. Actions will be turned off and not displayed as a referral block on the ambassador page.


Referrals from Ambassadors' side


The referral action will appear on the ambassador's main page as a widget in a "Suggested to me" block and at the top-right corner. 


The ambassador needs to copy and share the unique referral link with friends.


Moreover, ambassadors will see referral actions in the list of Actions under "Challenges" tab



Getting Points


Ambassador will get points after the following completed actions: 

  • his/her friend uses a shared link to sign up for an ambassador program 
  • performs at least one of Instagram or Facebook actions.

After new users completed actions above, ambassadors will see an info block about receiving points with a Thank you message on the main page. 



Working with referrals data


To see an ambassador that came as a referral go to the Ambassadors menu. On the ambassador's name, hover to show the user's first/last name who referred this new ambassador.