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Campaigns feature

There are different ways on how to improve the engagement of your ambassadors through Spitche. You can create different tasks for your ambassadors to make them more engaged with your social media pages and website. 


How to create a campaign?

  1. To create a campaign navigate to the Campaigns menu in your Spitche account;
  2. Click on the "Create campaign" button;
  3. Type the name of your campaign;
  4. Choose its type; 
  5. Fill in the information according to the campaign type; 
  6. Indicate the number of points for completing the campaign;
    • You can set 0 points if you don't want to reward ambassadors.
  7. Click on the "Schedule campaign" button
  8. Select an option to launch the campaign:
    • Start campaign immediately -> the campaign will become active as soon as you launch it.
    • Schedule campaign -> the campaign will not be launched until start date
  9. Set the date and time for your campaign;
  10. Indicate whether you want to notify your ambassadors by email about the campaign:
    • Emails will be sent when the campaign starts
    • Customize an email text and design if needed
  11. When everything is ready, click on the "Let's go" button. The campaign will be created. 

NB! Make sure you added your time zone in Program->Brand info in order to see start and end time of the campaign according to your time.

 NB! You can save a campaign as a draft and come back to it later if you are not ready to launch it as some information missed. 


Campaign statuses explanation


Draft - not launched campaigns, can be edited and launched by you manually as soon as it is ready

Scheduled - campaigns are ready and will start automatically in the date and time you have set. You still can change it.

Active - launched campaigns

Completed - campaigns which have been ended (the end date is passed or campaign was finished earlier manually)

 NB! Only "Active" campaigns are displayed for your ambassadors.


Types of campaigns




Mission campaigns make your ambassadors complete tasks following the rules. It’s possible to set different platforms which your campaign will be related to: 

  • Facebook (feed)

  • Instagram (feed and reels)

  • Instagram (stories)

  • TikTok (feed)