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Connecting your social media pages

Now it's time to connect your social media accounts to engage your community and turn them into ambassadors. Once pages are connected Spitche receives permissions to get all needed social media data about your future ambassadors.

Navigate to Program -> Pages to start.


Step 1: Connecting your Facebook page

  • Click "Connect" button into Connect Facebook page block. You will be redirected to Facebook and see login screen if you are not logged in to Facebook.
  • NB! Before continuing to the next step, make sure that you will login as a user with an administrator access to appropriate Facebook Page you want to connect to your program. 
  • To connect Instagram account you should have Facebook Page and connect it first.

  • After redirecting to Facebook's platform, click "Continue" in order to connect the app to your Facebook account. Spitche app is named "Ambassador experience program" on Facebook.
  • NB! Before continuing to the next step, make sure that the user you are connected with has an administrator access to your Facebook Page. If you do not have this access, click on "Log in to another account" and continue the process from an account with administrator access to your Facebook page.


  • On the next Facebook screen you can allow your Instagram page to be connected to Spitche program. You can skip this step if you are not ready to do it right now. We are not allowed to grab any information from Facebook until you give your permission.