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Dashboard explanation

When your ambassador program is up and running, you can track its progress. Spitche Dashboard displays visual aspects of the data you have collected. Here you can see what you are doing in terms of reach, engagement, and who your top ambassadors are. To check how your program performs, navigate to the Dashboard tab in your Spitche account.



Here you can switch between your social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and your sales account. 





On the Facebook tab you can see what you are doing in terms of reach and engagement. The information about Facebook is related to all Facebook users who engage with your page (not only ambassadors).


1. Reach


2. Engagement 

  • Total Engagement - total number of actions (likes, comments and shares of all Facebook users who engaged with the posts on your page) on the filtered period

  • Engagement Rate - (total engagement / reach) * 100%

  • Average Engagement - total engagement / number of posts



You can compare values of different time periods on the left-side blocks and on the graphics. You can track if the results are increasing or decreasing and make the corresponding changes. 


NB! The data in the graphs and tables is updated once per day in the end of the day. 


Besides, it’s possible to track the number of your Facebook comments, likes and shares compared to different time periods.
Here you can also see the top list of mostly engaged ambassadors and number of redeemed rewards.





The Instagram dashboard displays the information about the actions performed on your Instagram page (feed comments and partially @mentions in comments) and other Instagram pages (tag or @mentions of your brand on photo/video - UGC, @mentions in comments) for the whole period, including disapproved and not rewarded actions.



Total - the number of actions made by any Instagram user.

Ambassadors - the number of actions made by your ambassadors.


Description of the actions


@mention in comments - mentions of your brand on a first-level comment in Instagram (on any post made by a public account).

Tag or @mention on photo - tags of your brand in a picture or @mentions of your brand in the description of a picture.

Tag or @mention on video - tags of your brand in a video or @mentions of your brand in the description of a video. Reels are also counted here as videos. 

Feed comment - first-level comments left under your posts on Instagram.

NB! The data in dashboard is updated with 15 min delay for actions where tag was used. 


You can also check how many actions have been completed totally and how many points were earned by your ambassadors.


Total actions - sum of all rewarded and not disapproved Instagram actions.

Points generated - earned points for Instagram actions (connecting IG profile and accepting UGC permission requests) by your ambassadors. 
NB! The rest of Instagram actions influence engagement level.



Moreover, you can also check the information about Instagram top ambassadors of the month/week and the number of total given rewards. 




The Sales tab includes graphics about the performance of your e-commerce store. It allows you to track how much has been spent by your ambassadors on your products, number of purchases and items. It can help to analyze and optimize your e-commerce and marketing strategies. 


1. Value generated

  • Total value of purchases is generated by your ambassadors

  • Average basket value = Total value generated / amount of purchases


2. Amount of purchases

  • Total number of purchases is made by ambassadors

  • Average number of purchases per ambassador = Total number of purchases / all ambassadors who connected their Shopify accounts



3. Purchases items

  • Average number of items per ambassador cart = Total number of items / number of purchases



As on the Facebook and Instagram dashboards, you can check mostly engaged ambassadors on your e-commerce store. They are indicated according to the Total value generated. Maximum 6 top ambassadors are displayed for the whole period only. This block is not changed when filtering. 


NB! The data on the graphics is updated every 15 minutes. 


Use this information to optimize your program, reward your most active ambassadors and provide a better brand experience and improve your customer relationships.