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How does metrics work?

When your ambassador program is up and running, you can track its progress. Spitche Dashboard displays visual aspects of the data you have collected. Here you can see what you are doing in terms of reach, engagement, and who your top ambassadors are. To check how your program performs, navigate to the Metrics menu in your Spitche account.



Here you can switch between your social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and your sales account. 

NB! You need to connect your social media pages and e-commerce account to see appropriate Dashboards.





On the Facebook tab you can see what you are doing in terms of reach and engagement. The information about Facebook is related to all Facebook users who engage with your page (not only ambassadors).

1. Reach

2. Engagement 

Engagement graph presents the total number of the following actions: likes, comments and shares of all Facebook users who engaged with the posts on your page including likes and comments Facebook users left on the your post which was shared by ambassadors. 

  • Total Engagement - total number of actions on the filtered period

  • Engagement Rate - (total engagement / reach) * 100%

  • Average Engagement - total engagement / number of posts