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Limitations for social media actions and rewards

Ambassadors have the corresponding limitations to perform social media actions and redeem available rewards for the earned points. These limitations have been added on purpose to make sure your ambassadors are not cheating and receive points only if they fulfill the corresponding conditions. 


To check the list of limitations for your ambassadors, navigate to the Settings -> Limitations tab.



Facebook actions


  • Facebook profile and posts should be public to earn points. If the account/post is private, no Facebook actions will be counted for engagement level progress. 
  • Actions performed on posts during the last 5 days are counted with a limit of the latest 60 posts. 
  • Comment action is not counted when it includes only symbols or emojis. It should be a full-fledged comment with text. 
  • One comment per post is maximum. The rest of the added comments on the same post are not counted. 


Facebook friends actions


  • Only 5 friends' comments on a shared post from the brand are counted. 
  • Only 5 friends' likes on a shared post from the brand are counted. 


Instagram actions


  • Instagram profile should be public to increase your engagement level. 
  • Instagram points are counted for a maximum of 3 actions (one of each action type) every week.
  • Comment action is not counted when it includes only symbols or emojis. It should be a full-fledged comment with text. 
  • Only one comment per post is counted. 
  • The number of active posts, allowed for perfoming actions are defined by the brand in the Instagram Engagement time limit. The maximum number of active posts is 25. 

  • Comment is not counted when it's a reply to an exisiting comment of other users. 
  • Comment should be the first-level one. 




  • Rewards can be redeemed only 3 times per month. 
  • 3 different rewards can only be redeemed.
  • Each reward can be redeemed only once per month. If a reward has been redeemed this month and ambassadors still have points and engagement level to redeem it again, they will be able to do it in a month. 


Where can my ambassadors check the limitations? 


Ambassadors can check the limits for social media actions and redemption of rewards in their accounts. To do that, they just need to go to the Brand info tab and click on the Limitations in the right-side menu 'Rules and Limitations'. 



If you have any questions or would like to wave any of the above-mentioned limitations, just submit a ticket and let us know.