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Shopify: Create discount codes for your rewards

Using Shopify integration you can also create coupon codes directly through Shopify. Add the Shopify discount codes associated with your rewards on Spitche to allow your ambassadors to redeem directly on your store check-out page. Follow the instructions below on how to do it.  

Set up your discount code

To create discount codes on Shopify, go to your Store Admin Panel -> Discounts -> Create a discount -> Discount code.



1. Select a discount type, for example, Amount of products. 


2. Set the name of your code, it will be the code used by your ambassadors during their purchase check out.

3. Decide on the type of discount code you want to create between the four different options:

  • Percentage (e.g. 10% off)
  • Fixed amount (e.g. 5€ off)
  • Free shipping
  • Buy X get Y (e.g. buy one product and get 50% off the second one)


4. Decide on the value of your discount code.



5. Choose if your discount code is product-specific (e.g. 10% discount on one of your products) or store-wide (e.g. 10% on all products)

6. Set requirements for your discount code; either it applies to all orders, or to orders of more than XX value or XX product units.



7. You can decide if your discount code will be applied to all customers, or to specific customers. For their usage on Spitche, we recommend you to set the discount code to apply to everyone. 

8. Set the usage limit of your discount code.

In order for you to control the number of discount codes used in your store and depending on your reward specifics, you can decide the number of times your discount codes can be used in general as well as if its usage is limited to one per customer. 


NB! For its usage on Spitche, we recommend you to set a general limit of discount codes and to restrict it to one use per customer.


9. Decide when your discount code will be active and if it has an end date.



You can now save your discount code and proceed to create your reward!