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Creating a reward

Rewards help your ambassadors upgrade their engagement level and redeem with their points. Besides, rewards encourage your community to perform more social media actions.


To create a reward, go to  Rewards -> Add reward.

Step 1: Activate / Deactivate reward


  • Toggle the 'Activate' button to make your reward available.
  • A deactivated reward remains in your account, but it's not visible to your ambassadors. 

Step 2: Reward name and picture


  • Add the name of your reward, this name will be displayed as the main title of your reward on the ambassador page.
  • Upload a reward picture, it will be used as the main visual along with the reward name on your ambassador page.
  • The reward picture must be uploaded in .JPG or .PNG format
  • Recommended size: 600px - 400px
  • Maximum file size: 1MB.


Step 3: Reward description


  • Add a description to your reward, use this space to inform your ambassador on the steps to follow to redeem their reward once they receive the code associated.

Example text:

Once you reached the amount of points and engagement level required, redeem this reward by using the unique code generated on our online shop.


Once you reached the amount of points and engagement level required, redeem this reward by sending us the code generated to:


Step 4: Reward link


  • Add a link to redirect your ambassadors from the program to your website, the related product page or any webpage related to your reward. It will be displayed on the redeeming a reward window for ambassadors. 



NB! This link will be accessible for all ambassadors to visit at any time, independently from their number of points or engagement level.

Step 5: Reward point value


Points are the fictive money your customers have to spend on your program. The more points they have, the more rewards are available for them to redeem. Your ambassadors will not try to earn more points if they don’t understand their value. Find the right balance between your points’ perceived value and their actual value.

  • Set the point value of your reward, once your ambassador will reach this amount of point, the reward will be made available for them to redeem.

Step 6: Reward engagement level lock (optionally)


Your ambassadors will have to reach a specific level of engagement in order to unlock the possibility to use their points to redeem the reward.

  • Set an engagement level lock to your reward. 


Step 7: Reward codes


  • Add unique codes for your ambassadors to redeem rewards.

When an ambassador reaches the necessary amount of points to redeem your reward, they can do it using specific coupon codes. A code is provided to them on the program to copy/paste and by an email to their inbox. 

Depending on the number of unique codes added, the reward will be available _ _ time for your ambassadors.



So here ambassadors have 5 units of this reward available to redeem.


Step 8: Managing your rewards


Once you have the list of created rewards, you can manage them according to your needs. You can do the following: 

  • Edit your reward (e.g. to add more coupon codes);
  • Delete a reward if it's not active or irrelevant;
  • Pin the most used reward, so it will be displayed in the suggestions for ambassadors as the most attractive reward. 

Step 9: Shopify


If you use Shopify for your e-commerce, follow instructions in this article and add the discount code generated the number of times you decided your reward to be available for redeeming.