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Inviting brand administrators

You may need to invite your colleagues to collaborate with them inside the Spitche app. Follow the steps below to add admins to your Spitche account. 


Manage brand admins 

It's possible to invite other members of your organization or from other teams (CRM, e-Commerce, Social Media, IT, etc) and give them access to the program. Accordingly, you can remove admins if they do not need access anymore.

To manage other administrators just go to Account -> Admins.


Invite admins

  1. Go to Account -> Admins.
  2. Click "Add admin".
  3. Add the e-mail address of your collaborators.
  4. Click "Continue" to send an invitation to join your program. NB! An invitation email is valid for 15 days.


Manage invitations

In case a new admin didn't receive an invitation email you can click "Resend invitation" in order to send the email again.

Moreover, you can decline an invitation if it becomes not actual or you invited not relevant admin. Simply click on "delete" icon near the appropriate invitation.


Join the program

To join the program, your team member needs to create an account by using the Set-up my account button from the received invitation email.

  1. Open invitation email and click "Set up my account" button.
  2. Fill in the user information.
  3. Create own password and confirm it. NB! Your password must be 8-character long minimum, and contain an uppercase letter, a number and a symbol.
  4. Click "Continue" to join the program.