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Spitche releases

May 16, 2024


  • We're excited to introduce Serbian language to the Ambassador side of the app! By introducing Serbian language support, we aim to make our platform more inclusive and accessible to users from Serbia and other Serbian-speaking regions. Now, Serbian-speaking ambassadors can enjoy a seamless experience, engaging with our platform in their native language. Accessible, inclusive, and empowering - our commitment to global connectivity continues to grow. Try it out today!


April 17, 2024


  • We're excited to announce that Portuguese language support has been added to the ambassador side of the app! To select Portuguese as the preferred language for your ambassadors navigate to the Program - Ambassador info, and select "Português" from the language options. With this latest update, users can now enjoy navigating and interacting with the app in Portuguese, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for the Portuguese-speaking community. 


April 1, 2024


  • Catalan language is added! Now you can set Catalan language for the ambassador area, making navigation and interaction more convenient for Catalan-speaking ambassadors. Ambassadors also can set Catalan as the preferred language for the user interface. 


  • You can access and review our terms of service and terms of use by click on your account page to “Terms of Service” or “Terms of Use” accordingly.


March 12, 2024


  • New program customization option has been added! Currently you can update text and styles of emails we send to your ambassadors. Tailoring the appearance, content, and other details of your emails can significantly enhance ambassadors engagement.

  • Moreover, we have added an ability to set your email sending platform in order to send emails through your company email solution. You can switch back to Spitche solution anytime.

  • You can notify your ambassadors about a new campaign you created. It is possible to choose during each campaign scheduling whether you want to send an email notice. The email will be sent as soon as the campaign becomes active.


January 31, 2024


  • We have completely changed styles, menu and navigation for brand managers. You can use new left menu, which is possible to expand or collapse. Order and name of some tabs were changed. Moreover, we have improved UI and UX of all the pages: added animation and appropriate next steps to all empty pages in order to help you navigate the system; internal menu for tabs, more tooltips and links to Knowledge base articles etc. to simplify usage of the platform.

  • We have extended Campaigns functionality by adding for your ambassadors ability to select Facebook post or several posts (album creation) directly in the platform instead of adding the link in order to participate in Mission Facebook campaign. Besides, ambassadors can select only public posts to take part in campaigns. This feature will be available only for those ambassadors who connected Facebook account to their profile. Moreover, currently you are able to set 0 points for campaign to let ambassador participate without points receiving.

  • Widget about Campaigns for ambassadors as an additional reminder to participate in campaigns and receive points.

  • Admins list was improved - you are able to see pending invitations, cancel them or resend an invitation to new brand manager you invited if previous one was expired. Also the admin who has access to connected Facebook and Instagram pages will be marked as “Facebook Page Owner”.


  • New view and UX improvements of Rewards list: you are able to activate / deactivate reward, see reward level and points directly in the list. Besides, we changed sorting for rewards - currently you will always see pinned reward in the top, then active rewards.

  • Now you can see which ambassador redeemed a code - ambassador’s first and last name were added to codes list inside appropriate reward. You can copy ambassador’s name by clicking on it.

  • We have improved security of your account. The account will be suspended after five invalid login attempts.

  • Now we initiate automatic refresh Facebook access flow for your ambassadors if they removed Spitche in their Facebook business integration settings.

  • Flow for new brand manager (admin) joining was simplified by removing email field from “Join as an admin” form.


October 11, 2023


  • We have added a new action "Loyalty" in scope of Sales actions which you can have by connecting your e-commerce store. Ambassadors will have an opportunity to earn additional points not only for making a single purchase but also for spending appropriate amount of money for period you set.


  • We will send an email with your ambassadors data after downloading it in the CRM if we need more time to generate report for you.

  • Postal code validation was added for ambassadors in their profile.


September 20, 2023


  • We have extended Campaigns functionality by adding ability to schedule a campaign. Now you do not need to create the campaign in the day you should launch it. You can specify the date and time when your campaign should be launched and it will start automatically.

  • Added possibility to create draft campaigns in order to prepare them in advance. You can delete drafts anytime if you don't need them anymore or launch as soon as it is ready.


August 28, 2023


  • Ability to customize ambassadors profile by adding additional fields in order to gather more valuable information about your community. You can add unlimited custom fields: choose type of the field, change position, manage visibility and decide whether the filed should be mandatory to fill out. 

  • Added “Contact information” block to ambassadors profile. You can manage visibility of the fields in new tab “Ambassador info“ of your program settings.

  • Contact information filled by ambassadors in Profile are available by downloading the data in CSV in the CRM as well as info from custom fields set by Brand.

  • Reward ambassadors with points for filling out the contact information or/and custom fields.


July 12, 2023


  • The Dutch language is now possible to set for your ambassadors' workspace. You can select it as a default language or your ambassadors can choose the language in their account settings. 

  • Total number and names of Campaigns in which ambassador participated are now available by downloading the data in CSV and added in the brand CRM.


June 7, 2023


  • New Mission Campaigns feature was added in order to engage your ambassadors by proposing new ways of interaction. Assign them a mission to complete, whether it's a photo, video, story, or any other format on Facebook, Instagram feed and stories or TikTok.

  • Ambassadors are able to participate in Campaigns and earn more points by creating or sharing content. New menu Campaigns under Challenges tab was added where they can find all available campaigns. All rules and instructions will be shown for each campaign, time ending indicator as well.  

  • Add your time zone in the Brand program settings. UTC +0 was set as default.

April 17, 2023


  • During the registration process ambassadors have an ability to select between signing up through email or via Facebook.

  • Facebook profile can be connected by ambassadors later in the account settings.


  • If Facebook access to the ambassador's account has expired, the ambassador will see a notification about it next time he/she logs in to their account. There will be the direct link to renew access to their Facebook profile. Ambassadors will be notified about access expiration by email in advance (7 days before) and when access expires. 

  • If an ambassador has 10 failed login attempts, the account will be locked for 10 minutes. An ambassador can reset the password even if the account is locked. 

  • An ambassador needs to confirm email in order to finish registration.


February 28, 2023


  • Current number of ambassador's points and date of birth is now available by downloading the data in CSV and added in the brand CRM.

  • Ambassador’s date of birth is now available by downloading the data in CSV and added in the brand CRM.

  • Minor UI improvement for ambassadors' view. All the popups can be closed by clicking on the X button on the right.


February 2, 2023


  • Separated Limitations tab with a view access. Check the limitations for social media actions and rewards redeeming for your ambassadors.

  • Added links to Knowledge base articles for the Brand info, Point System and Rewards tabs. 

  • More explained social media actions for ambassadors with the additional links to social media pages of the brand.

  • Widget with not connected Instagram account for ambassadors as an additional reminder to connect Instagram profile and receive bonus points.

  • Added the website link to the redeeming a reward tab for ambassador. The brand can add it optionally in the Reward settings in the Link field.

UI updates:

  • Improved view of the Rewards tab when it's empty. Added the link to the Knowledgebase article about rewards creation.

  • Locked view for social media actions when ambassador's Facebook and Instagram profiles are not connected. All the actions explanations are still available in a view mode. 


November 28, 2022


  • New ambassadors' area. More functionality for your ambassadors. Added separate tabs for Profile settings, Brand info, Missions and Rewards tab.

  • Updated flow of engagement level and points upgrade. Social media actions effect the Egnagement level of your ambassadors. Besides, they can get additional points for different advanced and simple actions. 6 new actions have been added to the Point system: Additional level bonus, Additional referral bonus, Connect Instagram profile, Daily social media actions, Weekly social media actions and Monthly social media actions.

  • Ambassadors verification feature. Customize the verification process of your ambassadors at the registration step.