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Spitche releases

February 2, 2023



  • Separated Limitations tab with a view access. Check the limitations for social media actions and rewards redeeming for your ambassadors.
  • Added links to Knowledgebase articles for the Brand info, Point System and Rewards tabs. 
  • More explained social media actions for ambassadors with the additional links to social media pages of the brand.
  • Widget with not connected Instagram account for ambassadors as an additional reminder to connect Instagram profile and receive bonus points.
  • Added the website link to the redeeming a reward tab for ambassador. The brand can add it optionally in the Reward settings in the Link field.

UI updates:

  • Improved view of the Rewards tab when it's empty. Added the link to the Knowledgebase article about rewards creation.
  • Locked view for social media actions when ambassador's Facebook and Instagram profiles are not connected. All the actions explanations are still available in a view mode. 




November 28, 2022



  • New ambassadors' area. More functionality for your ambassadors. Added separate tabs for Profile settings, Brand info, Missions and Rewards tab.
  • Updated flow of engagement level and points upgrade. Social media actions effect the Egnagement level of your ambassadors. Besides, they can get additional points for different advanced and simple actions. 6 new actions have been added to the Point system: Additional level bonus, Additional referral bonus, Connect Instagram profile, Daily social media actions, Weekly social media actions and Monthly social media actions.
  • Ambassadors verification feature. Customize the verification process of your ambassadors at the registration step.