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Instagram comment under the brand post

Ambassadors can increase their engagement level by doing any social media actions you set for your program. One of them is leaving a comment on your Instagram feed posts (photo, reel/video, or album). There is no need to mention the brand under the post to receive points. 


Action settings


First of all you need to turn on an Instagram comment action, so your ambassadors can see it in the list of social media actions they can perform in order to receive level progress. A value of level progress is predefined in Spitche settings.

Please, submit a ticket or reach out to us if you need to change any values of engagement level actions according to your needs. 

To turn on/off the Instagram comment action go to Program -> Level, and enable/disable the Comments checkbox in the Instagram section.



Ambassadors can see this action on the main page, in the 'How to increase level and points' pop-up alongside with other social media actions you turned on.





To avoid a flood of comments there are some limitations for ambassadors. Ambassadors can check information about limitations in a Limitations pop-up inside "Brand" tab. 


  • Ambassadors can leave only 1 comment per brand post.
  • Ambassadors will be rewarded only for the number of last published posts set by you.
  • The maximum number of the last published Instagram posts, comments on which will be counted is 25. 
  • A comment that includes only emojis or signs will not bring level progress.


You can set up manually the number of the last published Instagram posts, comments on which will be counted. It can be done in the Program -> Level in the "Instagram actions" section as well. 


Work with Instagram comments data


To check the number of comments made by the ambassador go to the Metrics -> Instagram -> locate the Feed comment column.

Besides, you can download the analytics as a CSV file. To do that, just go to the Ambassadors menu and click on the Download button in the top right corner. The downloaded CSV file allows you to check all the information about corresponding ambassadors.