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Spitche from the brand's side

This article will briefly describe Spitche as a platform, introducing its main aspects and functionality. It will represent the brand side, the view of the dashboard, and all the benefits you can get by using it. 


Program menu

The first step you do as a brand after logging in is navigating to the Program menu to fill in a piece of information about your brand and customizing Spitche program according to your needs. 


  • Brand info

We are ready to move to the creative part of the setting process - add brand info. Here you can customize the visual aspect of your brand for ambassadors. Upload your logo, indicate the brand name, brand description, rules, privacy policy, upload cover image, and select your time zone. The contact email and the website link will be displayed for your ambassadors.

  • Ambassador info

The next part of program customization - select the language in which ambassadors will see your program, turn on additional verification for the community and decide which personal information you want to receive from your ambassadors. You can ask for contact information and create unlimited number of custom fields which will be displayed in ambassador profile.

  • ​​​​​Pages 

After that, navigate to the Pages tab. Here you can connect your Facebook and Instagram pages and your e-commerce (Shopify) account, so Spitche can gather analytics from there and display it on the Dashboard tab inside Metrics menu. As soon as your pages were connected to the program you will be able to see and setup actions which your ambassadors can perform.


  • Level and Points 

In Spitche, the progress system has two aspects: the engagement level (which you can set in the Level tab) and the points themselves (Points tab).

The engagement level is linked to the direct interaction from your ambassadors with your content on Facebook and Instagram, including creating the content on Instagram by your ambassadors for your brand, what we call UGC.

The logic of getting points is based on performing advanced missions, becoming top ambassador by making a lot of actions, making purchases or refer program to a friend etc.