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UGC Permission

What is UGC? 


Once your loyalty program is launched, your ambassadors may create different content with your brand tagged. Without permission, you can't use ambassadors' data due to the privacy policy of Instagram.  

However, with Spitche it's possible to download ambassadors' Instagram content by sending a UGC permission request to your ambassadors to use the content they have created. Besides, you can reward the approval of UGC use with some points, so ambassadors will be interested in creating more content for your brand.


NB! To start, make sure your Instagram page is connected to your loyalty programAction will be shown only if the Instagram page is connected to your loyalty program.

Send a permission request 


  • To send a request, go to Dashboard -> tab UGC and click the blue button Request permission.  

The email notification with a link to a demanding post and a number of reward points will be automatically sent to the ambassador.


Additionally, with the email notification, the ambassador will also see the permission request with the number of points and a link to the demand post in his/her account. The request will appear on the right part of the ambassador’s main page as it's shown on the screenshot below.



Value settings


  • To customize the value of points, navigate to the Settings -> Points system and indicate the value in points in the block of Instagram actions.
  • When setting up the value of points on action to 0, the ambassador can still permit using UGC, but will not get any points as a reward.


Ambassadors' side


The ambassador from his/her side can accept or decline the request.

  • In case of acceptance, the points will go to the ambassador, and he will receive permission to redeem the reward.
  • In case of decline, the permission request will be hidden, and the ambassador will not receive any points.

You would be able to send the request again using the button Resend request if it was declined. 

  • Once you send a request, the Request permission button will change to Request sent.
  • If the ambassador declines, the request button will change to Resend request.
  • When the permission request is finally accepted by the ambassador, it will be changed to Permission received.


Using UGC


Now that you have collected quality user-generated content, you can reuse it in multiple ways. Share your customers’ content on your social media pages, put it on your website, and use it in promotional emails, newsletters, advertisements, and many more.