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Inviting your community

Once your loyalty program is set up, you need to invite your community and turn them into ambassadors. Follow the steps below on how invite ambassadors to the Spitche platform.

Enable your loyalty program

Before inviting your community, you need to activate your loyalty program. 

  • In order to check if the ambassador's program is activated, go to Account -> Connected pages

  • To enable the program just toggle the button to Enabled status.


NB! The program will be active by default after the brand create an account. 

Invite community 

After the loyalty program is activated, you can proceed with inviting your community to Spitche. 

  • Invite your community by sharing the link located on the top-right corner of your administrator panel.


  • Besides, you can invite your community by sharing this link on social media, sending it personally by email, or putting a button with an invitation link on your website.


Recommendation: This link is the only access to your program for your ambassadors, we recommend having it available for them on all your communications and website.  

NB! To become ambassadors, users must have their accounts set to public both on Facebook and Instagram.


After your consumers join the loyalty program, they will get access to the Spitche for ambassadors workspace. There they will be able to check their engagement level, earned points and available rewards. Check this article to learn how the Spitche for ambassadors looks inside.