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Spitche from the ambassadors' side

Ambassadors can join your loyalty program with one click by using an invitation link. In this article, we will describe an overview of the ambassador's side of a program. 

NB! This link is the only access to your program for your ambassadors; we recommend having it available for them on all your communications and website.


Sign-up process


Once ambassadors click on the invitation link, a start page will appear with option to log in or sign up. Once "Sign up" button was clicked it's possible to choose the way to sign up: via Facebook or email. 

Ambassadors need to accept your privacy policy and terms of use. They can also agree to receive marketing content from your brand on the registration step.

Besides, on the registration screen your ambassadors can complete the verification process (if you have it enabled) and subscribe to receiving marketing content from your brand.



To sign up with Facebook, ambassadors just need to connect their Facebook account. 
Sometimes it may happen that an ambassador does not have a Facebook account. In this case, ambassadors can still register with an email address as described below. 


To sign up via email, ambassador has to indicate the following information:
- email address
- first name
- last name
- password (8 characters, a number, a capital letter and a symbol). 

Then the verification email will be sent to the ambassador's email address to verify the account ownership and finish registration. 

NB! Ambassadors won’t be able to log in to the account without email verification. 

After these simple steps, your ambassadors will have access to the view of your program. 


Profile customization


Your ambassadors can edit their account details, so you can collect information about them. Your ambassadors can add the following information: 

Moreover, your ambassadors can also fill out contact information and any other fields you need:

  • Country;
  • City;
  • Address;
  • Postal code;
  • Phone number;
  • Other fields.

You can reward ambassadors with points in order to encourage filling out the information in Profile.

Connect social media pages

To receive points and upgrade the engagement level, your ambassadors have to connect their social media pages. Facebook account can be connected upon registering at your ambassador program or later ambassadors can connect their Facebook profile in the account settings. 

Then they can tie up their Instagram profile to interact with your Instagram page. For e-commerce purposes, your ambassadors need to connect their Shopify account under the 'Purchases' section.


Updating Facebook access


Spitche needs to have access to ambassadors’ Facebook profiles to gather the data about their engagement and update the level and points values according to this information. Facebook access token is valid for 60 days.

If ambassadors register via Facebook, they don’t have to refresh Facebook access. It’s updated automatically when they log in to their Spitche profile. 

If ambassadors use their email address to sign up, they will have to refresh their Facebook access every 60 days manually. We inform ambassadors that they need to update access to their Facebook profiles in the following ways: 

  • Popup window when they log in to their account; 
  • “Refresh Facebook access” button in their profile (always available for ambassador);
  • Emails notifications: a week before the expiration and at the expiration day.

Make sure to inform your ambassadors about the necessity to update their Facebook connection, so they can earn points and upgrade the engagement level.

Home tab 


Under the Home tab your ambassadors can see the main information of their progress at your program. The current engagement level and the progress of reaching the next level will be displayed under their avatar. Besides, they can see how many points they have for now and how many actions have been completed already. 



To learn how to receive more points and upgrade their engagement level your ambassadors need to click on the corresponding button on the Home page. 



All the actions have their explanations in a view mode. Besides, ambassador can go to your Facebook and Instagram pages directly from there.



On the right side there is the list of suggestions for your ambassadors. For instance, they can see which actions they need to perform to receive points (referral program, social media actions, adding birthday date, filling out profile etc.) and the most attractive reward (the one that you have pinned before). 



If ambassador's Instagram profile is still not connected, the reminder will be also displayed on the right side of the app.



Moreover, at the bottom of the Home page the activity logs of this ambassador can be found. 



Rewards tab


On the Rewards tab your ambassador can see the available rewards the brand suggests. Depending on the engagement level and number of points ambassadors can unlock rewards or check how many points/which engagement level they need to have to unlock available rewards.



If you have added the link where ambassadors can redeem a reward, it will be possible to open the page directly from the reward tab. 



Challenges tab


On the Challenges tab there is a list of actions your ambassador can complete to receive points on his/her account. There are Simple actions (e.g. friend referral, top ambassador of the week, level up etc.) 


Also, there are Advanced actions your ambassador can perform to receive more points. Among them are: refer the corresponding number of friends, reach the corresponding number of engagement levels etc.).


Moreover, there is Campaigns tab where all the active campaigns will be displayed and ambassador can participate until time is passed.


Brand info tab


On the Brand info tab your ambassadors will see the information about your brand. It's possible to reach your Facebook and Instagram pages to start completing social media actions. Besides, ambassadors can reach your website from this tab. 



Also, on the main screen they can see the information about your brand and the contact email for the necessary support. 

On the right side there is a tab with Privacy policy, Rules of your ambassador program and Limitations for social media actions and rewards redeeming. Here they can also agree on receiving promo content from your brand by toggling the corresponding button. 




This is how the ambassador's area looks. You can test it yourself if necessary by following your invitation link for ambassadors at the top right corner of your brand account.