In this article we've collected frequently asked questions about Spitche.




  • How can I monitor UGC?

You can monitor UGC manually in your Spitche account. To check if you have new UGC, just go to Dashboard -> User-generated content tab. Here there is an overview of your ambassador's UGC.


  • How can I avoid inappropriate content? 

You can monitor UGC manually and disapprove content which doesn't match with your brand's philosophy/policy. You can describe the content you prefer to see in the rules for your ambassadors


Point system and engagement level


  • How to increase the engagement level?

All the Facebook and Instagram comments actions effect the engagement level. So to increase the engagement level ambassador needs to interact with your content on Facebook, e.g. liking, commenting, sharing your posts or leaving an Instagram comment under the brand's post.


  • How to get points?

Ambassadors can get points for the UGC content for your brand and interaction with it (likes, comments, reposts etc.). 

Points for @mention brand in comment: 

Points your ambassadors receive when they tag your brand on a comment they make on Instagram (on any post made by a public account).

Points for Tag or @mention brand on photo:

Points your ambassadors receive when they tag your brand in their picture or @mention your brand in the description of their picture.

Points for Tag or @mention brand on video:

Points your ambassadors receive when they tag your brand in their video or @mention your brand in the description of their video (please note that Reels are not considered videos by Instagram, your ambassadors do not receive points for them).

Besides, ambassadors can get bonus points like birthday points, level up points, invite a friend points and welcome bonus points. The most active ambassador of the week, a month will get extra points. 


Referral link


Where can I find the referral link?

The referral link is settled on the ambassador's main page. You can find more info about how Referral program works in this article


How to use the referral link?

Ambassador can copy the unique referral link to share it with friends to invite them to your loyalty program. Ambassador will get points once his friend uses a referral link to sign up for a loyalty program and performs at least one engagement action on Instagram or Facebook.


Invite ambassadors


How to invite ambassadors to your loyalty program?

There are two ways to invite ambassadors to your loyalty program. Privately: selecting a client database and sending them an invitation link. Alternatively, you can share the link on your social media, which will allow you to identify new or potential clients. Additionally, you can put a tab on your website inviting your followers to join the program. 

The link is the only access to your program for your ambassadors, we recommend having it available for them on all your communications and website.  


Promo code


How to set up a promo code?

You can make your promo code generic or unique. It's up to you what option to choose, but we recommend making it unique to avoid cheating. Select a limited number of promo codes if you choose a generic one. 



Ambassador's account settings


Does the page of the ambassador need to be public?

Both the Instagram and Facebook pages of the ambassador need to be public. Otherwise, Spitche will not be able to track the interactions of this ambassador with brand content. As a result, ambassadors won't be able to get points for interaction. 


Are there any limitations for ambassadors?

Yes, there are some limitations for ambassadors in Spitche. 

Facebook actions

  • For the action to be counted, the Facebook posts you are interacting with (liking, commenting, or sharing) will have to be posted not more than 5 days ago. 
  • Comments - action is not counted for comments including only emojis or symbols. 
  • One comment per post is only allowed.
  • Facebook friends' actions are counted for a maximum of 5 friends' comments and 5 friends' likes per post.

Instagram actions

  • Instagram points are counted for a maximum of 3 actions (one of each action type) every week.
  • Comment action is not counted for comments including only emojis or symbols.
  • One comment per post.


  • Reward redeems are limited to 3 rewards per month.
  • Each reward can only be redeemed once.


The limitations for ambassadors are displayed in their Spitche account -> Limitations section on the left. Additionally, we recommend mentioning it in the program's rules for ambassadors to clarify it.


General settings


How to download all the information about my ambassadors?

It's possible to export all the data about your ambassadors and their interaction with your social media pages or Shopify page from the Ambassadors page -> the Download button at the top right corner. The information will be donwloaded in a CSV file. You will get a complete view of your ambassador's profile, behavior, and engagement. 


Is it possible to change language for the ambassadors workspace?

Sure, you can change the language of the Spitche app following the instructions from this article. If you need another custom language, please submit a support ticket with a custom language request. We will transfer it to the developer team and get back to you with an update about a timeline.


Have any other questions? Please submit a new support ticket, so our Support team can help you.