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Creating your account

To start working with Spitche, just start the registration process here.  Please follow the steps described below to create your account. 


Step 1: Add your brand and user information


The first step of the registration process is to create your personal user as well as providing your brand information.

Your brand name must be unique (if you are creating a brand for a specific market, country or else, please indicate the market as "Brand Country" for example to avoid blocking the general brand name for other markets, countries, etc).

Step 2: Create your password


Your password must be 8-character long minimum, and contain at least an uppercase letter, a number and a symbol.

Step 3: Additional information 


Add a little more details, about what you would like to use Spitche for. 

Step 4: Validate and confirm your email


To validate your user and brand registration, access your inbox and confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link.

That's it! Now you're ready to start working with Spitche!