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Creating a brand ambassador marketing program is a lot of work. Spitche is a helper and one-in-one solution to multiple goals the brand can follow by launching an ambassador program and many more. 

People who doubtless love your brand apply to be a part of your program as brand ambassadors and earn rewards for performing various actions. 


What can be a benefit of using Spitche? 


  • Increase your organic reach and engagement on social media

Reward your ambassadors for their social media engagement (Facebook likes, comments, shares…) and the content they will create for your brand on Instagram. As a result, you will increase your organic reach and engagement but also collect authentic UGC that can be used in future marketing campaigns. 



  • Enrich your CRM and emailing lists

With Spitche you can not only identify your brand clients and understand their behavior, but also collect data about your consumers' interests, needs, and optimize your marketing strategies. 



  • Collect and get permission to use User-Generated Content (UGC)

Identify the most engaged members in your community, track their online behavior, engagement, general interests, and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.



  • Integrate with social media and eCommerce (only for Shopify store).

Thanks to our integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify, it's possible to collect purchase, social behavior, and engagement data from your ambassadors providing you with a complete understanding of their journey.



Contact us on our support portal here if you have any questions about technical aspects, settings, or strategies, and we will provide you with full support.