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Customizing your brand program

Create a unique program by customizing your ambassador page with your own branding. To access the custom branding feature for your brand, go to Settings -> Brand info.


Step 1: Brand logo

  • Upload your brand logo; it will be used as the main logo on your ambassador program.
  • Your logo must be uploaded in .JPG or .PNG format
  • Recommended size: 250px - 250px (1:1 ratio)


Step 2: Brand name and description

  • Add the name of your brand and a short description of your program.
  • This information is displayed as a short introduction to your brand when an ambassador signs up for your program.


Step 3: Rules

  • Add a short explanation of the way the program works.
  • Inform your future ambassadors on how they can earn points, grow their engagement level, how to redeem the rewards and how to contact you.

Example text:

Perform the actions listed below and earn points to redeem our ambassador's rewards!<br>Remember, the more you engage on our Facebook page, the more your engagement level grows, unlocking even more exclusive rewards and offers.<br>Contact us: [add email / contact form link here].

Step 4: Privacy policy and data protection

  • Inform your ambassador about the way you collect, store, use and protect their data and/or redirect them to your privacy policy page.

Example text:

By signing up to our ambassador program and providing personal information you consent to it being collected, stored, used, disclosed and otherwise processed in accordance with our privacy policy [add hyperlink].


Moreover, you can create a link to your Privacy policy following the instructions below: 

1.  click "link" button in toolbar
2.1 enter text that will represent url into "Display Text"
2.2 fill "url" into pop-up, tab  "Link info"
2.3 link type should be "URL"
3. go to the "Target" tab
4. select target "New window (_blank)" → link will be opened in new tab in browser then
5. click "ok" to save
6. double-click on text link to see details of change link.


NB! By default, the marketing opt-in message is set, if you wish to customize it, use the filed below the privacy policy block.


Step 5: Cover picture


  • Upload your brand cover picture; it will be displayed on your ambassador program page.
  • Your cover picture must be uploaded in .JPG or .PNG format
  • Recommended size: 1016x320px

Besides, you can download the template of a cover image to see how it may look. 

Step 6: Additional information

  • ​​​​​​Marketing Opt-in (mandatory): you can customize the message for receiving promotional content from your brand.
  • Website URL (mandatory): add the link to your brand website.
  • Contact email (optional): add the contact email address, which will be displayed for your ambassadors.
  • Time Zone (optional): choose your time zone in order to see information according to your local time (e.g. end date of Campaign, ambassadors creation date etc.)