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Customizing your brand program

Create a unique program by customizing your ambassador page with your own branding.

To access the custom branding feature for your brand, go to Program -> Brand info.


Step 1: Basic brand info

Brand name

  • Add the name of your brand and a short description of your program.
  • This information is displayed as a short introduction to your brand when an ambassador signs up for your program.

Brand logo

  • Upload your brand logo; it will be used as the main logo on your ambassador program.
  • Your logo must be uploaded in .JPG or .PNG format
  • Recommended size: 250px - 250px (1:1 ratio)

Cover picture

  • Upload your brand cover picture; it will be displayed on your ambassador program page.
  • Your cover picture must be uploaded in .JPG or .PNG format
  • Recommended size: 1016x320px

Besides, you can download the template of a cover image to see how it may look. 



Step 2: Terms and Rules

Terms of use

  • Add a short explanation of the way the program works.
  • Inform your future ambassadors on how they can earn points, grow their engagement level, how to redeem the rewards and how to contact you.

Privacy policy and data protection

  • Inform your ambassador about the way you collect, store, use and protect their data and/or redirect them to your privacy policy page.

Example text: By signing up to our ambassador program and providing personal information you consent to it being collected, stored, used, disclosed and otherwise processed in accordance with our privacy policy [add hyperlink].

NB! Both Privacy Policy and Terms of use will be shown for your community in their account. Besides, ambassadors must accept all the rules to sign up.



Moreover, you can use editor and easily create a link to your Privacy policy following the instructions below: 

1.  click "link" button in toolbar
2.1 enter text that will represent url into "Display Text"
2.2 fill "url" into pop-up, tab  "Link info"
2.3 link type should be "URL"
3. go to the "Target" tab
4. select target "New window (_blank)" → link will be opened in new tab in browser then
5. click "ok" to save
6. double-click on text link to see details of change link.


Step 3: Additional information

  • ​​​​​​Marketing Opt-in (mandatory): you can customize the message for receiving promotional content from your brand. Ambassadors will see checkbox during their registration process and can accept receiving emails or skip. You will be able to check who accepted it or not in the Ambassadors menu of the program.
  • Website URL (mandatory): add the link to your brand website.
  • Contact email (optional): add the contact email address, which will be displayed for your ambassadors.
  • Time Zone (optional): choose your time zone in order to see information according to your local time (e.g. end date of Campaign, ambassadors creation date etc.)