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Landing page

Create a landing page that will attract more and more ambassadors. 


  • landing page is a great tool to attract and push to action your ambassadors. Use your landing page to tell more about how your brand's ambassador program works. This works great to get ambassadors ready and educate them on what your ambassador program entails.


  • The goal of a click-through landing page is to encourage visitors of your website to engage with your brand. A click-through landing page might prompt your customer to visit a product page for more information. In our case,  potential and existing ambassadors why will learn more information about an ambassador program and join in one click.

  • Content is used to speak to your audience and persuade them to take action. 

Include descriptions of your ambassador program and benefits, as well as rules and value of points, and other information that can be interesting for your ambassadors. A good idea is to place a description or promotion of your products, new products. Wise’s landing page provides a calculator that you can use to work out how much money you’ll save by using this service:


Put a button on your landing page and make it visible to your ambassadors. Potential ambassadors will be able to join your program in one click. 

As a result, your landing page will give your potential ambassadors a full vision of an ambassador program, educate them on how to use it, how to earn points, and redeem rewards.