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Shopify: Adding Spitche pop-up to your store


Once your Shopify Store is connected to Spitche, you need to finish the setup process by activating your store Pop-up. So that, your consumers will be able to join the program and become ambassadors.

NB! Before turning on the Spitche Pop-up, please make sure that:


Activate Spitche Store Pop-up

  • Go to the Shopify store admin panel.
  • In the left-side menu scroll down to the Sales channels section -> Online Store -> Themes.


  • Scroll down to the current theme and click on the green Customize button.


  • In the customization settings, click on the App embeds section in the left-side menu.


  • In the App embeds section, turn on the Spitche: Ambassadors Experience Loyalty Popup.
  • If necessary, change the location of the popup button.

  • Save the changes. 


That's all!

Now your consumers will be able to become ambassadors and get rewards for engagement actions on your Shopify store. 


Spitche Store Pop-up

Go to your store to check out the Spitche Pop-up by clicking "Get rewarded" button on the bottom right or left side (based on your settings):



  • First, your consumers should create an account on your e-commerce store by clicking "Sign up" in the popup or directly via store. Or login to their account if it has been already created.
  • Then they should open Spitche Store popup and click "Join us" to create an ambassador account. NB! Only after connecting to Spitche through popup your consumers become ambassadors and Spitche will be able to track their purchases and reward with points.