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Shopify: Adding Spitche pop-up to your store

Once your Shopify Store is connected to Spitche, you need to finish the setup process by activating your store Pop-up. So that, your consumers will be able to join the program and become ambassadors.

NB! Before turning on the Spitche Pop-up, please make sure that your ambassador program is active.


  • Go to the Shopify store settings.
  • In the left-side menu scroll down to the Sales channels section -> Online Store -> Themes.

  • Scroll down to the current theme and click on the green Customize button.

  • In the customization settings, click on the App embeds section in the left-side menu.

  • In the App embeds section, turn on the Spitche: Brand Ambassadors Pop-up.
  • If necessary, change the location of the popup buttton.

  • Save the changes. 


That's all! Now your consumers will be able to become ambassadors and get rewards for engagement actions on your Shopify store.